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Team presentation


By June 9, 2022November 3rd, 2022No Comments
We are now less than ten days away from Totenrullen (18th of June), and it’s time to welcome Team Kaffebryggeriet, Team Eksjöhus and Exsitec Ski Team on Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour season VI!


Between organization and ambition

To begin, let’s introduce Team Kaffebryggeriet from Norway, which is one of the main organizers in Tottenrullen. It will for sure give them an additional motivation to perform on the first stage.

The Team is showing up with 10 athletes, what makes them one of the biggest team on the Tour. They will be good contenders to the Team standing.

There are also strong individualities in Team Kaffebryggeriet such as Magnus Vesterheim who end up 4th at Tottenrullen 2021. We can count on him to do his best to catch the podium this year.

It would be a mistake to forget to mention Stian Berg, one of the best sprinters of the Tour, who is one of the favorites to the green bib this summer.


Performance and versatility

Then let’s introduce a Swedish team that is coming with big intention for the Team competition: Team Eksjohüs! At Totenrullen 2021, they end up on 2nd position in both men and women races with Martin Löwström Nyenget and Magni Smedås.

They can also count on their two strong rookies Axel Jutterström and Eric Rosjö to fight for the Youth pink bib.

And Morten Eide Pedersen whose qualities as a climber no longer need to be proven, will be a tough opponent in Lysebotn Opp Double Poling.


Finally comes Exsitec Ski Team, also fom Sweden, which will play the role of outsider on the Tour. They will fight to give hard time to the leaders and to achieve solid results.

Exsitec Ski Team is presenting two athletes that will compete for the Youth competition, Gabriel Strid and Hanna Fritz. Both of them have raced several time Alliansloppet, and Hanna reached a solid 28th place in 2018. It will be interesting to see what they can do this year!


To discover more about the teams, go to our page  TEAMS

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