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Mitsubishi Electric renews partneship with World Classic Tour for Season VIII

By May 3, 2024May 15th, 2024No Comments

Mitsubishi Electric reaffirms its commitment as the title sponsor of the World Classic Tour 2024 new season.


Established in 2016, World Classic Tour serves as the pinnacle of summer long-distance rollerskiing, aiming to elevate the sport’s profile and engagement worldwide during the summer months. In its eights season, Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour will feature the three largest and most prestigious rollerski events in the world. The tour will span a 4-week period, providing a condensed and captivating experience for media and fans alike.


“Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour more popular than ever.”

The season 2023 was the season of all records when it comes to broadcasting. The World Classic Tour the Tour attracted over 2.1 million TV viewers in Norway and Sweden alone, marking an 83% increase from 2022. Broadcasts reached audiences in six countries (NOR, SWE, ITA, GER, AUT, SUI).

Our summer competitions are experiencing heightened popularity, particularly in the Swedish and Norwegian domestic markets, boasting impressive market shares:

  • Lysebotn Opp 51% (NOR)
  • BLINK Classics 60% (NOR)
  • Toppidrettsveka 53% (NOR)
  • Alliansloppet 48km 33% (SWE)
  • Alliansloppet 15km 40 % (SWE)

Mitsubishi Electric and World Classic Tour shared goal remains to amplify these figures further. This season, our focus is on pursuing the expansion of our broadcasting reach beyond the Scandinavian market to engage more ski enthusiasts across Europe and the World.

Anna Sjöström, Head of Marketing at Mitsubishi Electric Sweden expresses her anticipation for the upcoming season:

“We are delighted to renew our partnership with World Classic Tour. Mitsubishi Electric is excited to start another season of delivering unique competitions to fans worldwide. Our partnership aims to bring joy and excitement throughout the summer, and we extend our best wishes to all the exceptional athletes offering us this show.”


The world’s three most iconic rollerski event united again in compact and thrilling month.

The 8th season of the Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour kicks off in Sandnes, Norway, with the Blink Festival. The tour features thrilling events such as the Lysebotn Opp Double Poling—a challenging 7.5 km race with a 10% average climb in the picturesque Lysefjord—and the BLINK Classics, a 52 km competition in Ålgård.
Next, the spotlight turns to Toppidrettsvecka, where athletes will tackle a brand new 56 km course through the scenic island of Hitra, promising an exhilarating showdown between long-distance specialists and World Cup contenders.
The tour culminates in Trollhättan, Sweden, for the Trollhättan Action Week, highlighted by the iconic Alliansloppet start on the King Oscar bridge over impressive waterfalls. The competition concludes with the Alliansloppet Individual Start, a challenging 15 km race winding through Trollhättan’s streets.

The tour’s five stages are condensed into three thrilling weeks in August. Baptiste Noël, Director for the Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour, shares his perspective on this intensified format:

“We are thrilled to pursue the development of the Tour together with Mitsubishi Electric and our three World Class organisers. We have created together a very compelling and condensed series, heightening fan and media interest.”


The tour will be broadcasted on national TV in Norway and Sweden, as well as on various international platforms and channels.

For more information on the Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour, visit

Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour Season VIII Events:

  • 31st of July – Lysebotn Opp Double Poling – 7.5 km – Lysebotn (NOR)
  • 1st of August – Blink Classics – 52 km – Ålgård (NOR)
  • 14th of August – Toppidrettsvecka Hitra – 56 km – Hitra (NOR)
  • 24th of August – Alliansloppet – 48 km – Trollhättan (SWE)
  • 25th of August – Alliansloppet Individual Start – 15 km – Trollhättan (SWE)


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