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Author of three podiums including a victory at Alliansloppet last summer, Thomas Joly offered himself the Champion bib! He will start the Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour Season VIII dressed in yellow and tells us a little more today about his summer goals!

Thomas Joly was the revelation of Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour 2023, taking second place in both Blink Classics and Toppidrettsveka – Hitra, and victory in Alliansloppet.

He has thus brought home the yellow Champion’s bib and, at the same time, the pink Youth bib. He tells us about his state of mind and objectives on the eve of Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour Season VIII.


Hi Thomas! First, how was your season this winter?

After last summer, I had big goals in my head for the winter. I was aiming for the podium on Ski Classics!

Unfortunately, the season was not as good as my expectations. I didn’t manage certain periods of illness very well (COVID, flu…) so it was complicated to reach my goals. After Vasaloppet, I decided to stop to rest my body and start again on good basis!

How do you approach this new season of Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour, with this Champion’s bib on your back?

In the same way as last year! I don’t put any pressure on myself. Having fun, testing myself and being in the fight at the front will be the key words!

Thomas Joly throws up his hands after a tremendous attack that leads him to Alliansloppet 2023 victory

What does the roller ski season mean to you? And how do you integrate it into your preparation?

For me, it’s the key point of my preparation! One month of races is representing one of the biggest intensity trainings of the summer season.

The “off-season” is quite long in skiing, so it’s a goal for me to be present at the front of those big races!

Then what are your goals for Mitsubishi Electric World Classic Tour Season VIII?

Alliansloppet! This race is amazing, I really like it.

More generally, I want to be in shape on all the races and have a trouble-free month of August. I have a little crush on Alliansloppet and I’d like to go for the win again in Trollhättan!

Which advice would you give to a young athlete who want to perform in long-distance skiing?

Honestly, the key is to love what you do.  Nothing can be taken for granted and it is only work that pays!

And here’s the question we ask every athlete in an interview: if you had to spend 24 hours in the shoes of another athlete in any discipline, male or female, living or dead, who would it be?

Kilian Jornet, the Spanish ultra-trail runner! Just to see what it’s like to run at 15 kilometres per hour on the crest of a mountain, with 100-metre drop on either side!

And who would it NEVER EVER be?

Victor Wembanyama (French basketball player)! At 2.24 metres tall, I’d be afraid of vertigo!


Pictures: Trollhättan Action Week